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We are a group of diverse women committed to carnival, community, camaraderie, compassion, and social justice!

Riding Membership


  • General Membership Meeting

  • 12th Night Meeting

  • Invite to all Krewe of Themis & Krewe of Freret Events

  • Parade Pre-Party

  • Parade Riding + Harness

  • 1 Ticket to Shorty Gras

Float dues of $75 will be required to be paid by the dues deadline & are mandatory in order to ride.

Non-Riding Membership


  • General Membership Meeting

  • 12th Night Meeting

  • Invite to all Krewe of Themis & Krewe of Freret Events

  • 1 Ticket to Shorty Gras

Community Engagement


Our Very First Community Engagement Project

Prior to Themis’ official incorporation, the Facebook group had begun community outreach to several local schools who also cut ties with the offending parade organization. Realizing the schools would be financially compromised by taking a moral stance, a fundraiser was held. Over $16,000 was collected and distributed amongst six schools. The krewe’s donations also gained the attention of Gambit Magazine, earning their “thumbs up” for September 14, 2020.


Audubon Zoo–House Floats

The Krewe of Themis was invited by the Audubon Institute to transform the front entrance of the Audubon Zoo  with beautifully hand-crafted flowers from recyclable and sustainable materials, exhibiting the theme “Be Kind to Every Kind”.


Fees for Philanthropy

On July 6, 2021, the krewe donated “Member Late Fees” to the First 72+ presenting its inaugural "Fees for Philanthropy”.  Our Titanesses believe that a krewe can be "more than Mardi Gras," and have earned the moniker “Krewe for Good.”  


Pizza for the People: Hurricane Ida Relief

During September 2021, Hurricane Ida bore down on the Gulf Coast, particularly the bayou parishes of Louisiana. Following this, the Krewe of Themis sprung into action. Our first trip down the bayou was made in conjunction with NOLA Wood Windows.  With the generosity of our members and supporters, we were able to help hundreds of families in Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes with much needed supplies. But we didn't stop there. A second trip was made in which large pizzas, $100 grocery store gift cards, and cash, the latter of which was donated by Terrebonne Councilmember Dirk Guidry, were distributed to over 60 families. This earned the krewe their second "thumbs up" from Gambit.

Congratulations to our very own Titaness Mary Hill Delahoussaye!!! @maryhdela was awarded the Dr. Allen A. Copping Award for Excellence in Teaching as part of the commencement exercises at LSU Health Sciences Center!!

Per her bestie Alanna...
"When she is not creating umbrella masterpieces, she is a champion for our students’ mental health, academic success, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Her spirit brings optimism and commitment to our faculty and the New Orleans community." 

Congrats again Mary!
We’re always up for a fight. #MoreThanMardiGras #KreweOfThemis 

☂ x @410inthe504
Today is the perfect day, y’all. Enjoy it!!
Join our very own president, @kimya1908 and her fellow colleagues for an open panel discussion about Criminal Justice via Zoom tomorrow at 11:30am.
We’re not lacking on festive umbrellas. 

Happy Easter and Chag Pesach sameach! 

☂️ x @ohheylk
Happy Easter from your Titanesses!! ☂ x @myshelley_amour and @kaceymoore27
Final Four, Themis style #kreweofthemis #hailthemis
Themis does the Final Four 📸x @themarcymarie
🏝 📸 X @kajunqueen66
Ride with Themis!! Membership is now open!!

^^^click here for the application to become a Titaness!! 

#KreweOfThemis #WeAreThemis #MoreThanMardiGras
When your umbrella can double as the perfect parade sign!! Supporting our sisters of @kreweofmuses on this fine tHERsday!!! #ThemisHailsMuses ☂ x @loose_glitter
On Saturday we did some things… more pics to come

📸 x @queenkarimav
A year and a half ago we were a little known Krewe. Today we will finally take our inaugural ride. We are so excited to show everyone our custom made umbrellas!! 

We ride the uptown route with Freret at 3pm today!! Wear some purple and we’ll see y’all soon!!
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